Monday, March 13, 2023

Synergy: Birka Viking Warrior

BIRKA VIKING WARRIOR was a 10th century professional woman soldier. First discovered in the 1870s, the bones were originally thought to be male. Recent DNA research confirmed that the skeleton was female. Artifacts in the grave indicate that the warrior woman was likely known for her battle strategy.

Read the recently published nonfiction book for young adults, then learn more at the websites:

THE BONES OF BIRKA by C.M. Surrisi traces the story of a 10th century Viking warrior women from her discovery in the 19th century to Dr. Charlotte Hedenstierna-Johnson’s recent DNA analysis. Of particular note is how the book challenges traditional gender roles in ancient societies and traditional research bias. ARC courtesy of Chicago Review Press.

An article in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY provides details of the research.

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An article in SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE discusses the latest evidence that Birka was a woman Viking warrior.

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An article in LIVE SCIENCE also discusses the Viking warrior woman.

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