Monday, January 16, 2017

Website Review: Oyez

The OYEZ: US SUPREME COURT MEDIA website contains over 2,000 recordings of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court.
Sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology, the website provides access to information about cases, justices, and news. It also provides a tour.
The Cases section for the website features US Supreme Court cases by term, year, and name. The name, description, dates (granted, argued, decided), citation link, facts of the case, question, and conclusion area provided for each case. In most cases, an audio file is provided of the oral arguments along with a transcript.
The Justices section contains information about each Justice and the cases they argued. The News section is displayed as a blog. It includes a news roundup, historical information, and other short articles. Each article contains tags that are easy to search. While most articles are text, a few contain video.
The U.S. Supreme Court 360 degree virtual tour is an engaging way to explore the court building and justice’ chambers.
Librarians will find this website useful for government classes as well as students interested in exploring social issues that have come before the court.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Technology Review: ALA YouTube Channel

The AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION maintains a YouTube channel containing news and information for librarians and library users.
Sponsored by ALA, the channel focuses on original programming aimed at library professionals and other ALA members. Programming includes professional development resources, publicity and advocacy tools, news, and information. Many of the videos are associated with popular initiatives such as Spark Advocacy and Libraries Transform.
Dozens of play lists are available including ALA Vlogs, Annual Conference video sets, and a financial learning series.
Librarians will find this channel useful in planning for administrative activities including marketing activities. However, there are also many useful resources for their own professional development.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Technology Review: Facebook Live Map

FACEBOOK LIVE MAP is a recent feature of the popular social networking website.
Facebook’s Live option allows a Facebook users to stream audio and video live. Viewers can interact with the live stream using Facebook’s regular comments feature.
A Live Map is provided that allows participants to participate in real-time events around the world. Examples include underwater field trips offered by an Aquarium in California, live craft demonstrations by hobbyists, National Park service historical re-enactments, and book release press conferences.
Librarians can easily share author talks with the world beyond the physical library. Or, participate in the many real-time educational programs offered by schools, libraries, museums, parks, and educational nonprofits.
Keep in mind that although well-known news agencies and other organizations stream live events, it’s also possible to find materials that are inappropriate for younger viewers. Consider pre-selecting an event and using it as a whole-class experience. Or, replaying a previously live event.
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Monday, January 09, 2017

Digital Collection: Making of America

Cornell University Library
Contents: This collection contains primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. It includes monographs and over 100,000 journal articles. Users can search or browse the collection. The collection includes dozens of 19th century journals such as Scientific American and Atlantic Monthly to explore.
Classroom Connections: Use the many journals as a source for informational reading material. Ask students to select an article to read. Then, challenge them to investigate how the article reflects the time when it was written.
Featured Digital Objects:
Civil War -
Scientific American -
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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Digital Collection: Canadiana

Contents: This digital project was developed by a nonprofit to make Canada’s cultural heritage accessible online.Users can select from collections including early Canada, Heritage, Public Collections, and Student Voice. Within each section, users can browse or search for items of interest.
Classroom Connections: Use this collection to make comparisons across time periods and areas of the world. Focus on specific topics such as comparing the First Nations Peoples of Canada with the Native Americans of the United States using primary source documents as evidence.
Featured Digital Objects:
Early Canadiana Collections -
Heritage -
Public Collections -
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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Digital Collection: Calisphere

Contents: Calisphere provides a gateway to digital collections across the state of California from libraries, universities, and museums. Designed with educators in mind, it accesses over 400,000 images, texts, and recordings. Users can explore the collections or exhibitions. Or, use the search tool to conduct a keyword search.
Classroom Connections: The project includes a page specifically for educators with teaching resources. Many of the collections are geared to the K-12 curriculum such as Gold Rush Life.
Featured Digital Objects:
Dr. Suess Artwork -
Gold Rush Life -
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire -
To visit the collection at
To explore the educator section, go to

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Digital Collection: British History Online

Contents: This digital collection includes important primary and secondary sources focusing on the history of Britain and Ireland from 1300 through 1800. The resource includes maps, dataset, texts, and primary sources. Users can browse the collections, use subject guides, or try a keyword search.
Classroom Connections: Use this collection to learn more about life during this time period. Ask students to explore topics of interest and report on everyday activities such as the cost of items or the role of religion in people’s lives.
Featured Digital Objects:
Maps -
Economic -
Urban -
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