Sunday, June 21, 2015

App Review: The UnStealer

THE UNSTEALER by Joshua and Donna Wilson is cute picture e-book app for children.
In this adorable app for ages 6-8, the UnStealer takes “un”s. For instance, he turns unhappy situations into happy ones and changes an unfriendly, untrained dog into a friendly, trained dog. The app is only 18 pages long, but it’s effective in conveying a series of short stories.
Interactive elements are triggered by touching, dragging, and tilting the screen. Users touch the first word of the paragraph for audio narration. Touching colored words activates animation. Users return to the menu by touching the bottom of the screen.
The artwork is colorful and the font style is perfect for young readers.
The story is a great way to introduce the idea of descriptive words and discuss how removing just a couple letters turns a negative situation into a positive one.
Librarians and language arts teachers will enjoy the positive message and learning connections. Add this to your picture book apps for language arts.
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