Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Website Review: Surging Seas

SURGING SEAS is a fascinating website that provides sea level data, tools, and analysis.
Users can explore four areas including coastal flooding, mapping choices, a risk zone map, and a risk finder.
Coastal Floods provides an interactive showing natural and human-caused flooding in US cities between 1955 and 2014.
Mapping Choices provides maps, fly-overs, images, interactives, and reports comparing flood levels after increased in global temperatures.
The Rise Zone Map contains comparison tools that can be used to examine local sea level projections around the world and determine the risk of flooding.
The Risk Finder provides local information from selected states that can be used for analysis, forecasts, and predictions.
Librarians will find this compelling website to be an effective tool in teaching data literacy skills. The engaging content will actively engage learners in science while helping them explore data sets.
To visit the website, go to