Monday, December 26, 2016

Website Review: Blue World

JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD is a website containing video webisodes focusing on different aspects of marine life and ocean literacy.
The Watch Webisodes section includes nearly 100 video clips. Students can search by topic and educators can also locate materials by science standards and ocean literacy principles. Students will particularly enjoy the short video “extras” that explore focused topics such as sea cucumbers and tiger shark practice.
The Behind the Scenes provides information about the program, a photo gallery, sea stories, and on location information. Follow the blog for the latest information.
An Educators section includes study guides to go with the episodes, lesson plans, and curriculum-based webisodes.
Librarians will find that this website is easy for even young students to use. The study guides are useful in guiding student exploration. The sea stories section would be useful for informational reading activities.
To visit the website, go to