Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: Walk on the Wild Side

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE by Nicholas Oldland is the latest addition to the charming LIFE IN THE WILD picture book series.
This ingenious, contemporary fable reminds readers about the importance of friendship, slowing down, and appreciating life. Woven throughout the story are witty remarks, funny observations, and zingers that will keep children giggling. While the story is simple and easy to follow, it contains a strong message about the importance of viewing life as a journey. The nature and hiking theme will make readers of all ages want to get outside and enjoy a good hike.
Oldland’s appealing illustrations contain memorable characters that are likely to appeal to both children and adults. Of particular interest is how the author skillfully incorporates factual information about each animals such as what they eat for a snack. In addition, the bold, attractive font is perfect for the picture book format.
Children will enjoy reading the book multiple times observing details like the activities of the tiny bird accompanying the threesome. The book has endless possibilities for library storytelling activities.
In addition to WALK ON THE WIDE SIDE, librarians will want to purchase the other books in this outstanding series including Up the Creek, Making the Moose Out of Life, and Big Bear Hugs.
Available March 1, 2015 and published by Kids Can Press Books, a NetGalley ARC was used for the review.