Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book Review: Breaking Sky

BREAKING SKY by Cori McCarthy is a fast-paced, science fiction adventure focusing on an elite military program and a hotshot teen pilot testing an experimental jet.
It’s 2048 and America is on the verge of war. Chase is among a select group of daredevil pilots at the United Star Academy flying the “Streaker”, a top-secret prototype jet designed for teen pilots. The strong female protagonist and eclectic cast of characters will appeal to both male and female readers.
McCarthy’s skillful mix of heart-pounding fight sequence descriptions with authentic military comrade dialogue fit perfectly with the book’s themes. The cinematic writing style and non-stop action will appeal to the video game generation.
Librarians and young adult readers alike will immediately see connections to books like Ender’s Game and movies like Top Gun. The futuristic military theme will be popular with fans of dystopian science fiction. The hint of romance and family drama will add to the appeal.
This young adult novel has been optioned by Sony Pictures as a movie, so this title will be popular for awhile. It’s likely that Breaking Sky will kickstart renewed interest in the military, science fiction thriller sub-genre.
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Published by Sourcebook Fire on March 10, 2015.