Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review: The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats

THE CASE OF THE VANISHING LITTLE BROWN BATS: A SCIENTIFIC MYSTERY by Sandra Markle follows a group of scientists as they investigate the disappearance of the beloved brown bat population. This engaging mystery combines a well-researched narrative with high-quality color photographs.

Like her award-winning scientific mysteries focusing on golden frogs and honeybees in “The Case of the Vanishing…” series, this book focuses on a real-world investigation. The scientific aspects are made accessible through clear explanations and authentic examples.

The book’s layout will appeal to youth readers. Annotated photographs are useful for children who wish to skim the book before reading. Maps and labeled diagrams help readers visualize key concepts. Interesting questions are used as headings and subheadings to guide reading.

Additional resources provided by the author will be of particular interest to teachers and librarians. These include an author’s note, local/global efforts, glossary, digging deep information, and an index. In addition, the exemplary informational text would be useful in addressing the Common Core Curriculum.

While many library collections already have many “fact books” about bats, this book provides a unique, fresh perspective on the topic.

The combination of fascinating science with an engaging mystery are perfect of the target youth audience.

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NetGalley ARC used for review