Friday, July 08, 2016

Technology Review: In the News: Refugees

IN THE NEWS: REFUGEES by Annenberg Learner provides high-quality curriculum resources for teaching about refugees.
The web-based resource is divided into student and teacher sections.
The Student Section provides links to content resources about the refugee crisis and the connection issue of immigration. Students can hear stories of ordinary people forced to flee their homes to escape violence and persecution. Links are provided to online exhibits that explore the lives of refugees from around the world, collections of stories about refugees that made their way to the United States, and art exhibits focusing on cultural connections. Finally, two resources explore maps related to displacement of people and immigration patterns.
The Teacher Section provides links to activities, lesson plans, and other professional development resources focusing on the refugee crisis and the related topic of immigration. Activities connect youth to photographs, literature, and writing projects. Lesson plans focus on the connection of migration to population and resource distribution. Articles explore the history of human migration, ancient immigration, immigration law, and public empathy for refugees.
Librarians will find that the topic of refugees and immigration can be woven across the curriculum. From map and data literacy to social issues projects, this hot-button issue works well for digital and information literacy curriculum connections.
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