Sunday, August 23, 2015

Book Review: Goodbye Stranger

GOODBYE STRANGER by Rebecca Stead takes an authentic look at the challenges facing middle school youth in today’s society.
A work of realistic fiction, the story follows three connected narratives what capture the awkward often complicated friendships of young teens.
From facing cyberbullies to dealing with the unintended consequences of impulsive texts, Stead does a stellar job addressing the issues on the minds of children as they enter young adulthood.
Librarians will find a ready-made audience among Rebecca Stead fans. This well-written novel is likely to swell her already large fan base. Youth interested in books about friendship will be drawn to the quiet humor and authentic dialogue among characters. However, some younger readers may have difficulty following all the characters and dealing with the unusual approach to the narrative.
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Published by Wendy Lamb, an imprint of Random House on August 4, 2015.