Saturday, February 06, 2016

Website Review: RPO (Representative Poetry Online)

RPO (REPRESENTATIVE POETRY ONLINE) is a web anthology containing 4800 poems in English and French spanning 1400 years.
Containing the works of over 700 poets, the website sponsored by the University of Toronto Libraries is divided into poets, poems, and poetry.
Within the poet section, users can search by name, date, period, movement, nationality, and honors.
Within the poems section, users can search by title, date, form, rhyme, and collection.
Within the poetry section, users can locate works on a map, timeline, and calendar. Criticism, a glossary, and a bibliography are also available.
Librarians will find this to be a useful resource for both students and teachers. The map, timeline, and calendar features provide a unique opportunity to access and think about poetry.
To visit the website, go to