Monday, October 29, 2018

Website: Kaggle

KAGGLE is a website focusing on data science projects.
Watch the “see how it works” video to get started. Users can then search for information or choose from sections of the website. A login option allows users to organize datasets and participate in activities.
The Competitions section shows projects currently seeking participants. While some projects involve real-money, others simply provide kudos. This project provides wonderful examples of real-world applications of data. Several of the projects are appropriate for K-12 students and citizen scientists. Teachers can even host free competitions for students to apply machine language to real problems.
The Datasets search lists thousands of tagged datasets and provides the option to organize datasets for personal use. Users can sort by project size, file type, license, and tags.
The Kernels area awards money to authors of high quality kernels on datasets each week.
The Discussions section provide access to information for beginners, technical information, requests for data, and learning resources.
The Learn section provides practical data skills including Python, machine language, visualization, SQL, and more.
Other sections of the website provide additional resources such as a jobs area, blog, and documentation.
Librarians will find this website useful in teaching data literacy. Use the website to locate projects and encourage teachers across the curriculum to think about ways to integrate data projects into the classroom.
To visit the website, go to