Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Website Review: The National Map

THE NATIONAL MAP at http://nationalmap.gov/ is a versatile mapping website sponsored by the United States Geological Survey.
Although Google Maps works for lots of mapping projects, The National Map provides more in-depth opportunities to explore geography topics with maps.
The Viewer and Download Platform allows users to visualize topographic data. Themes such as elevation, orthoimagery, land cover, hydrography, geographic names, boundaries, transportation, and structures are available. Maps also feature both current and historical topography. Mashups that include The National Map are created by many organizations such as those involved with emergency services or health care. A new 3D Elevation Program is currently being developed.
To go directly to the viewer, go to http://viewer.nationalmap.gov/viewer/. Users can select layers associated with their arms of interest.
The US Topo Maps section makes “Quad Maps” available to users. These recently produced maps can be viewed, downloaded as PDF files and printed for free. Or, they can be purchased in the map store.
The Historical Topo Map section features historical maps that provide a snapshot of the nation’s physical and cultural past. The maps are useful in multi-disciplinary projects that connect the past to the present. These maps can be viewed online or downloaded.
The Fact Sheets, Videos, and Information Products section features useful background information.
Get your school involved with a partnership project with the USGS. The website features lots of opportunities to become involved as part of important national geography projects.