Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Technology Review: Plum Landing

The PLUM LANDING website and apps are a companion to the popular PBS Kids program focusing on environmental science.
Designed for ages six through nine, the website contains a wide range of motivating science activities.
The Games section includes over a dozen games that encourage children to play, explore, create, and share what they learn about our amazing planet. Children learn concepts related to soil, seeds, invasive species, ecosystems, and other fascinating topics.
The Videos section plays short, animated videos focusing on ecosystems such as the desert, jungle, and mountain regions.
The Ship section highlights the television program’s featured characters.
The Pictures section features images submitted by users of the Nature Sketchpad website and Plum’s Photo Hunt app.
The Parents section contains fun family adventure ideas and tips for getting families outdoors.
The Educators area provides curriculum resources including activities and media resources organized thematically and aligned to science standards.
Two apps allow children to extend the experience. The Plum’s Creaturizer app provides tools to build crazy creatures and Plum’s Photo Hunt encourages children to photograph wonders in their own backyard.
Build the Plum character into a primary grades library center focusing on environment science topics. Incorporate a tablet or laptop along with science books and objects related to nature themes.
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