Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Review: Fires of Invention

FIRES OF INVENTION by J. Scott Savage is the first book in the Mysteries of Cove steampunk series for the middle grades.
Set in a dystopian world where creativity is a crime, thirteen-year-old Trenton is constantly in trouble for what he considers as helpful and harmless mechanical projects. When he meets a repair technician who shares his passion, they set off on an adventure involving mysterious clues, secret inventions, and discoveries that will change their city forever.
Librarians will find readership among fans of The Books of Ember and other series focusing on dystopian underworld societies. It’s also a good choice for those wishing to enter the world of steampunk. Although there’s nothing particularly compelling about the series, its combination of dystopian and steampunk themes along with the promise of more dragons will keep readers coming back for more.
To learn more about the author, go to http://www.jscottsavage.com/.
Published by Shadow Mountain on September 29, 2015. ARC e-book.