Sunday, February 08, 2015

Book Review: Beastkeeper

BEASTKEEPER by Cat Hellisen is an engaging fantasy featuring a magical forest, spooky castle, creepy grandparents, and furry beasts.
When her parents split up, Sarah uncovers family secrets that propel her into a frightening world of magic and curses. Readers will see a connection to the original Beauty and the Beast story, but this mesmerizing tale is much more than a simple fairy tale. Twists and turns will keep readers wondering what will happen next.
Skillfully told by South African author Cat Hellisen, this interesting take on a classic fairy tale effectively bridges middle grade and young teen reader categories. The work contains beautiful descriptions immersing readers into a world where a castle and enchanted forest seem natural. Hellisen’s contemporary fantasy world feels just outside the realm of possibility, but close enough to make the story seem real.
Students who enjoy folklore and fairytales will be drawn to both the characters and the storyline. With a hint of romance and enough intrigue to keep readers interested, the book will be a quick, popular read.
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Published by Henry Holt on February 3, 2015. Reviewing through Edelweiss ARC.