Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review: Hunter

HUNTER by Mercedes Lackey is a riveting dystopian fantasy for young adults.
Growing up in a remote mountain monastery, Joyeaux has been trained as a Hunter. Using a combination of magic, combat skills, and her own wits, she’s fought an array of monsters alongside her Hounds who appear from the Otherworld. When she’s summoned to protect Apex City, she’s immersed in a world where Hunters are treated like superstars and people may be as dangerous as the monsters she hunts.
From Drakken to Goblins, Lackey has created a fascinating world filled with amazing creatures. The well-developed characters are engaged in a thrilling story of sabotage and conspiracy that adds a layer of interest that goes beyond monster chasing.
Fans of The Hunger Games and other dystopian works will be attracted to the action-adventure elements along with the “hunter as action star” theme. The addition of mythological creatures and paranormal elements will increase the popularity. Librarians will quickly find a following for this fast-paced science fiction fantasy series. Lots of open questions will have readers looking for the next book.
Published by Hyperion, Disney Book Group on September 1, 2015.