Thursday, July 23, 2015

Website Review: Author Jan Brett

JAN BRETT’s author website has been providing quality activities related to her books for nearly 20 years.
The Books section contains a complete booklist with high quality cover art. It also links to activities associated with each book.
The Activities area contains dozens of fun projects including bulletin board materials, bookmarks, certificates, alphabet resources, recipes, flashcards, and links to interactive games.
The Games pages including both computer games that can be played online and board games that can be created on paper.
The Coloring Pages provide thematic links to coloring pages that can be printed online or downloaded as PDF files.
The Murals section provides ideas and images that can be used to create murals for the library or classroom.
The videos page contains videos of Jan Brett drawing as well as her appearances and visits.
Users can use the email and printable cards pages to create communications. Or, listen to Jan Brett’s Hedge-a-Gram to hear directly from the author.
Keep up-to-date on what’s happening with Jan Brett on her blog. Participate in contests to win books and author visits. The Media and About pages provide information about the author.
This website contains endless ideas for library and classroom author and picture book activities.
Go to the website at