Monday, January 26, 2015

Website Review: PBS Kids Writers Contest

The WRITERS CONTEST from PBS Kids is a fun way to get primary grade children excited about writing. The website includes information about entering a writing contest, an opportunity to read stories, and the chance for children to create and save their own story.
The ENTER CONTEST section provides information about the contest, rules, prizes, and a chance to meet the judges. The 2015 event is for children from Kindergarten through Grade 3. It runs from January through July. A “Story Writing Fun Guide” is available with lots of writing ideas to guide children through the writing process.
The READ STORIES section of the website contains both contest entries and online stories to explore. They can be viewed by station, grade, prize, and year. Over 1695 stories are available to view. Check out the Story Stats to read the most popular stories.
The START CREATING section provides objects and backgrounds to jumpstart writing. Children can use the text and paint tools to enhance their story. Story Sparks provide starters to stimulate writing. Students can create a sign-in that allows them to store and share their stories online.
Teaching ideas are also available including a writing guide, caption writing activity, and get-ready-to-write worksheet. An illustration worksheet, brainstorming worksheet, and revising checklist are also available.
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