Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Book Review: Dinosaur Boy

DINOSAUR BOY by Cory Putman Oakes is a goofy new science fiction series. Featuring human-dinosaur hybrids and aliens, it’s the perfect combination for middle-grade readers.
During summer vacation, Sawyer is growing spikes and a tail. His school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying human-dinosaur hybrids. However when the bullies begin disappearing, Sawyer and his friends find themselves in an “out of this world” cover-up involving aliens and an interplanetary pet market.
Although the premise is silly and the situations predictable, important themes including bullying, racial identity, and friendship are skillfully woven through the narrative. Even reluctant readers will enjoy the fast-paced, action-packed story.
Fans of books like Boy or Beast and Aliens on Vacation will dive into this science fiction adventure.
Dinosaur fans will be intrigued by the idea of Dino DNA and the author’s note will encourage them to re-read the story again for hidden details. Librarians will enjoy building dinosaur displays to highlight this popular new series.
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Available February 3, 2015 and published by Sourc