Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Website Review: The Last Mission to the Moon

THE LAST MISSION TO THE MOON immerses young people in a real-time journey through the Apollo 17 mission to the moon.
This comprehensive website includes over 300 hours of audio, 22 hours of video, and 4,200 photos related to the mission. Users can either start the experience at T-minus one minute or join the mission in progress.
Users are presented with a screen that includes a control panel including video, audio, images, a transcript, a guided tour, commentary, and more. Along the way, the experience can be paused, photos can be selected, or other choices can be made. The mission can be tracked, fast-forwarded, and rewound using the interactive timeline.
Librarians will find this website popular with fans of the space program. Use this real-time experience as an example of the value of primary sources in information inquiry. Weave the website into a display featuring books about the history of moon exploration.
To use the website, go to