Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Website Review: National Ice Cream Month

NATIONAL ICE CREAM MONTH is celebrated each July with National Ice Cream Day celebrated on the third Sunday in July.
The International Dairy Foods Association website provides a media kit with information about this special month as well as individual pages focusing on different aspects of ice cream. These pages would be useful for informational reading activities. Go to
Go to Ben & Jerry’s How We Make Ice Cream page for a series of videos showing how ice cream moves from the farm and factory to the store. Go to
To learn more about how ice cream is made, go to the How Ice Cream Works page from How Stuff Works at…/edible-inn…/ice-cream.htm.
Explore the Ice Cream page at the Library of Congress for lots of photos and historical resources related to ice cream. Weave these into a history of ice cream project. Go to…/scitech/selected-internet/icecream.html.