Tuesday, December 16, 2014

App Review: Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals

SMITHSONIAN’S PREHISTORIC PALS is a series of engaging interactive book apps exploring dinosaurs and the prehistoric world.

While these e-books are short and lack some of the interaction of some other apps, they provide excellent reading experiences for young children. Designed for ages 3-8, users choose from the standard read-to-me, read-it-myself, and autoplay modes. Each screen contains a colorful picture along with a couple sentences of text. New vocabulary and pictures are clickable and provide additional information. An option is provided for students to record and share their own voice reading.

The books are all based on traditional paper books published by Smithsonian. Titles include It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, Saber-Tooth Trap, Mosasaurus, Pteranodon Soars, and others.

Oceanhouse Media is known for their high-quality apps for youth. A collection of 10 books is available in a bundle.

For a complete list, go to http://www.oceanhousemedia.com/products/smithsonian/.