Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Website Review: TATE Kids

The TATE KIDS website features a wide range of interactive activities exploring art topics.
Sponsored by UK’s Tate Gallery, users can easily access dozens of engaging art activities. The “My Gallery” section provides online space for sharing artwork.
The “Games” section includes over a dozen, engaging art games. Each game is identified as Level 1, 2, or 3. The games explore different aspects of art.
The “Videos” section provides over a dozen videos and clips focusing on art and artists. Each video is aimed at children and explores a focused topic of interest.
The “Tate Create” section introduces youth to off line activities such as mask making and Matisse cut-outs.
Finally, an adult space provides lesson plans and ideas for parents and teachers.
Librarians will find this hands-on, interactive website to be popular with art teachers. Many of the interactives work well on an electronic whiteboard. Consider weaving some of the hands-on activities into the library’s makerspace along with books and other resources.
To visit the website, go to https://kids.tate.org.uk/.