Friday, October 07, 2016

Website Review: The Truth

TRUTH is a website designed for young adults focusing on the issue of teen smoking.
The website kicks off with anti-smoking public service announcements and connections to social media.
The Facts section provides text, visuals, charts, graphs, infographics, interactives, videos, and other information connecting specific topics and issues with smoking. Users are invited to react to the information to extend the experience.
The Truth Events section features activities around the world related to anti-smoking efforts. It also include interactive elements such as a quiz related to pets and tobacco.
The About section provides an overview of the website and cause. The Take Action section section encourages users to sign up for more information. Social media links extend the experience.
Librarians will find this website to be an effective resource for anti-smoking campaigns and lessons. Create a display that features the public service announcements along with health information, and books related to the anti-tobacco theme. Collaborate with the health, science, and social studies teachers for a school-wide campaign.
The Truth Initiative website is available for additional educational materials and health information.
To visit the website, go to
To visit the supplemental website, go to