Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Website Review: DK FindOut!

DK FINDOUT! is an educational site for children that explores topics across subject areas.
The website presents easy-to-understand and attractively presented information about a wide range of topics including animals and nature, computer coding, dinosaurs and prehistoric life, Earth, history, human body, language arts, math, music, art, and literature, science, space, sports, transportation, and more.
Each page includes an overview of the topic along with videos and quizzes. A subject such as animals is divided into sub-topics such as The Animal Kingdom, Food chains, Cats, Dogs, and Amphibians. Once inside a sub-topic, users can explore key ideas through short articles, videos, interactives, and more. The website is loaded with practical information and relevant examples.
Parent and teacher sections provide a wealth of resources including quizzes, videos, and article to help children learn.
An easy-to-use search tool assists youth in locating information on topics of interest.
Librarians will find this to be a popular tool with both teachers and students. Consider aligning the key content with informational reading activities throughout the curriculum. Fans of DK books will immediately recognize the format and appealing visuals that have become the hallmark of DK publications.
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