Friday, December 05, 2014

Website Review: Made With Code

MADE W/ CODE is a Google Project focusing on inspiring girls to pursue careers related to computer science. Their Holiday Lights project is a fun and easy way to introduce the concept of coding. #MadeWithCode

The PROJECTS section provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced coding projects that involve youth in coding snowflakes, avatars, and other fun activities.

The MAKERS section highlights girls who are making a difference in the world through coding. Watch short videos featuring these young women.

The MENTORS section includes short videos from women of all ages and backgrounds who have used coding to reach their dreams. From musicians and filmmakers to activists and storytellers the testimonials illustrate the power of technology.

Use the COMMUNITY, EVENTS, and RESOURCES sections to jumpstart your own MADE W/ CODE program in your library. Connect the website with computer software, apps, and library books young people can use in coding projects. You can even download a kit for a library code party!

Go to for the general website.
Go to for the Code the Holidays Project.