Sunday, August 02, 2015

Website Review: The Story Starter

THE STORY STARTER is an easy-to-use website that randomly generates story starters.
Developed by Joel Heffner, the idea generator is appropriate for all ages for projects that range from short stories to novels.
Users simply press “CLICK HERE FOR A RANDOM STORY STARTER SENTENCE” and a sentence is displayed in a box on the screen. Users can then copy and paste the starter sentence into their favorite word processor.
For those interested in ideas specifically for children, go to the Story Starter for Kids area. This website generates short, interesting story starters for youth.
As an added feature, the website also contains a fun word game for all ages. The Scribble page randomly generates ten letters. Users then create as many words as they can using the ten letters.
Librarians can have lots of fun with this website. It’s an excellent way to help youth begin the writing process and the Scribble game is a great word activity for free time.
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