Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Technology Review: Facebook Live Map

FACEBOOK LIVE MAP is a recent feature of the popular social networking website.
Facebook’s Live option allows a Facebook users to stream audio and video live. Viewers can interact with the live stream using Facebook’s regular comments feature.
A Live Map is provided that allows participants to participate in real-time events around the world. Examples include underwater field trips offered by an Aquarium in California, live craft demonstrations by hobbyists, National Park service historical re-enactments, and book release press conferences.
Librarians can easily share author talks with the world beyond the physical library. Or, participate in the many real-time educational programs offered by schools, libraries, museums, parks, and educational nonprofits.
Keep in mind that although well-known news agencies and other organizations stream live events, it’s also possible to find materials that are inappropriate for younger viewers. Consider pre-selecting an event and using it as a whole-class experience. Or, replaying a previously live event.
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