Thursday, February 05, 2015

Website Review: Created Equal

CREATED EQUAL is a National Endowment for the Humanities project that brings together award-winning documentary films related to the Civil Rights Movement. It would be a great addition to your Black History Month library activities.
The films include The Abolitionists, Slavery By Another Name, Freedom Riders, The Loving Story, and Freedom Summer. For each film, users can stream the full video, read an overview, and explore background information. In addition, links to classroom materials, essays, and other information is provided.
The website also includes lessons for teachers. Topics include equality under the law, the power of the individual, and the strategy of nonviolence. These lessons are connected to Common Core Standards and include questions for discussions and resources. Guides are also provided for essays related to each film. Additional resources include links to lots of quality websites.
The community programs section provides a programming guide and ideas for how your school and community can participate in events. Events will be held around the US through 2016 including film viewings and a traveling exhibition. An online version of the exhibit is available at
To visit the website, go to