Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Website Review: World of Greek Arts

WORLD OF GREEK ARTS from ArtsEdge is a fascinating, interactive, multimedia exploration of the origin and influence of the performing arts of Greece.
The resource is divided into two sections focusing on music and theater.
The Music of Greece area provides an audio series exploring both ancient and contemporary music of Greece. Users download three audio programs. these programs can also be accessed through iTunes.
The City Dionysia area explores the development of theater in Ancient Greece. The interactive takes students through key concepts using images, animation, and text to help students learn. Then, students follow the process of writing their own play based on the rules and structure of Greek tragedy. An engaging interactive allows students to select the players, masks, and props to stage their play.
A Glossary can be downloaded as a PDF to review key terms.
Librarians will find this resource to be popular among literature, art, theater, and history teachers.