Wednesday, June 17, 2015

App Review: DragonBox

The DRAGONBOX 5+ and DRAGONBOX 12+ apps are a unique and engaging way to teach algebra.
The learner-centered approach focuses on discovering algebraic operations without the stress of direct instruction.
Users begin by choosing an avatar. A levels page is displayed showing 20 levels that can be unlocked for the first “chapter”. Children start with the first level and are provided with some basic visual instructions. Students won’t even realize they’re learning the basics of algebra.
The mixture of quirky characters and highly-interactive game activities make this app extremely appealing to students. Because it looks and plays like their favorite games, they’ll immediately be drawn into the format.
What makes their approach distinct is that the game isn’t separate from the instruction. It’s truly an example of gamification. In other words, game-design and mechanics are used to engage learners in solving problems and learning concepts.
The first DragonBox Algebra is designed for ages 5 and up and the second is for middle and high school students. A parent/teacher guide can be downloaded along with a walkthrough and rules to help learners succeed. Worksheets are also available.
DragonBox would be a great addition to the school library and math classroom collection. It would be particularly useful for reluctant learners and students having difficulty understanding the basics of algebra. The high-fun, low-stress environment is perfect for students who proclaim that they hate math.
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