Sunday, June 19, 2016

Website Review: Learn Chemistry

LEARNCHEMISTRY is a teaching and learning resource from the Royal Society of Chemistry.
This educational resource provides access to thousands of online, educational resources for chemistry. It also connects chemistry to other disciplines such as art, health, and history. Resources can be accessed using key words. Users can also browse by audience, resource type, age group, or subject.
The website contains sections geared toward teachers, students, and higher education. The teacher section provides access to a chemistry education journal and forum for discussing teaching in the chemical sciences. The student section contains resources related to chemistry careers, a magazine geared to young adults, and an online network for those teens interested in studying chemistry.
Featured areas include chemistry guides, practical chemistry resources, math for chemists, and sub disciplines such as materials chemistry and space chemistry. Of particular note is a section providing science idea webs. These amazing visuals help connect primary science topics such as World War II, Vikings, or Ancient Egypt to chemistry concepts.
Projects within the website include an interactive Periodic Table, This Day in Chemistry page, an Experimentation Hub focusing on investigation, Faces of Chemistry page featuring chemists, and chemistry wiki.
Librarians will find this website to be filled with useful information, data, articles, lessons, and other resources. Work with science teachers to mine the best resources and weave them into the science curriculum.
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