Thursday, June 25, 2015

App Review: Monster Heart Medic

MONSTER HEART MEDIC is an fascinating, interactive, educational adventure game focusing on the cardiovascular system and the importance of healthy habits.
Designed for ages 10-13, the fast-paced game will keep youth interested in learning about the cardiovascular system and how it’s affected by healthy living habits.
Game players are engaged in a quest to collect items related to 37 health fact achievements that are used to become an expert monster medic. Categories include medical exams, monster stories, keep it healthy, travel to medi supply, travel to hospital, travel to park, travel to apartment, and health choices.
Play begins at a fitness center where users are introduced to Ragnar who is training for a marathon. Players are in charge of figuring out what’s wrong with Ragnar’s cardiovascular system by clicking objects on the screen, going to places on the interactive map, and making choices based on readings and medical exams.
Users can choose between English and Spanish languages. They can also turn the music and narration on and off.
The bright, colorful graphics, catchy sounds, and interactive game environment will be attractive to youth. The short scenarios, focused information, and stress on achievements will keep youth interested.
Librarians will want to add this to their health and science app collections.
Published by the Lawrence Hall of Science.