Friday, February 12, 2016

Tech Review: International Children's Digital Library

The INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DIGITAL LIBRARY (ICDL) website and app provide access to historical and contemporary, multi-cultural e-books from around the world.
The ICDL contains thousands of children’s books representing many different cultures and languages. Hundreds of award-winning books are included in the collection.
At the website, users can locate children’s books by country or conduct a search using their keyword or advanced search tools. Users wishing to set up preferences and save their favorite books can register for a free account.
The website also provides information for researchers, educators, and those interested in how they can contribute to the project. An Exhibitions area provides small, thematic collections on topics such as friendship, seasons, or diversity. An Activities area of the website includes ideas for using e-books in library and classroom settings.
The app provides a user-friendly interface for accessing e-books.
Librarians will find this resource an excellent addition to their e-book collection. It’s particularly important for those seeking resources related to cultural diversity. Of particularly note is the availability of books in multiple languages. Teachers will also find a wealth of books focusing traditional tales, legends, and folk tales from around the world.
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