Saturday, May 23, 2015

Website Review: Inklewriter

INKLEWRITER is an easy-to-use, online tool for writing and publishing interactive stories.
This free tool lets students easily write branching stories that can be shared with the world. Begin by exploring the library of favorite and examples stories.
When youth are ready to write, they start a new story. The intuitive approach makes it easy to add text and create links to branches of the story. Basic text tools are provided as well as the option to add images. Users can easily switch between the writing and reading modes. The map and contents options help students visualize the sections of their story. Students can save their work and generate a URL that can be shared with their teacher and peers.
Although inklewriter houses stories for free through an affiliated website, the stories can also be downloaded or turned into an HTML file or Kindle e-book for a small fee. Resources are also provided to help users turn their stories into interactive games.
School librarians will enjoy helping their students write interactive stories. An education page discusses ideas for incorporating inklewriter into the classroom.
In 2012, inkle hosted a writing competition. The ten best stories are available as a free iPad app called Future Voices. In addition to their interactive writing site, the company is also known for their interactive games.
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