Tuesday, April 21, 2015

App Review: The Mouse and the Meadow

THE MOUSE AND THE MEADOW by Chad Wallace is an interactive storybook app following the experiences of a mouse as he explores a meadow.
The “Read to Me” option reads aloud each page while displaying basic animation. The animated, interactive elements reinforce the story, so they aren’t distracting. Readers can follow along with the audio narration. Each word is highlighted as it’s read aloud.
The “Read to Myself” option is the same as the read aloud option, just without the audio support. Unfortunately, the font size is small and sometimes difficult to read against the colorful background.
From scary confrontations with a snake and great horned owl to quiet moments with fireflies, the storyline features believable situations and encounters among the creatures. The author skillfully weaves in nature facts making this an excellent science experience as well as an engaging story. The realistic flora and fauna contribute to the impact of the story. The colors and details of each creature are exceptional.
After reading the story, users are immersed in an informational reading experience focusing on facts and trivia about the habitat and creatures encountered in the book. They also learn about how animals communicate and help each other. Readers will also enjoy learning about the author. These special informational aspects are always available through a small icon on each page.
The book would be a wonderful addition to a collection of storybook reading apps for children.
This book is also available as a paper and electronic book. A Pop-Up App can be downloaded to go with the paper book.
To learn more about this app, go to http://www.dawnpub.com/apps/mouse-and-the-meadow-app/.
Published by Dawn Publications. Review copy courtesy of Dawn Publications.