Saturday, August 27, 2016

App Review: Slavery at Monticello

SLAVERY AT MONTICELLO is an app that tells the stories of people who lived and worked in Thomas Jefferson’s agricultural businesses.
After an introduction, users can explore the app through sites, people, or themes.
The “Discover Sites” section allows users to explore the stable, Hemmings cabin, textile workshop, stone house, storehouse for iron, nailery, blacksmith’s shop, joiner’s shop, coal sheds, and beyond Mulberry Row.
The “Meet People” section provides insights by more than a dozen people who worked for Thomas Jefferson from weavers and woodworkers to runaway slaves and the slave owner. Timelines visualize the lives of each person.
The “Explore Themes” section explores key themes including family and separation; labor, trade, and economy; life after Monticello; living and working conditions; racial identity; resistance and punishment; and studying slavery at Monticello.
Animations, stories, slideshows, and other approaches are used to share primary source documents and information related to each topic.
In addition to the major sections, users can also use a map to zoom-in on the historical site and explore various sites.
Librarians will find this to be an effective tool for discussing the history of slavery and Thomas Jefferson’s connections to the issue. History teachers will find that the format is attractive and easy to use with students. Immerse youth in the app through role playing activities.
To download the app from the App Store or Google Play, go to