Friday, May 18, 2018

Website Review: Species in Pieces

SPECIES IN PIECES is an interactive exhibition featuring thirty of the world’s most interesting, but endangered species.
This database allows users to browse through the animals or select a specific creature to examine. Rather than showing photographs, the project uses CSS polygons to visualize each animal. For each creature, users can read basic facts, explore statistics, watch a video, and explore a conservation website.
Librarians will find this exhibition to be an engaging way to start an investigation of endangered animals. Ask students to explore the exhibit, then select one of the animals to examine in-depth. Help learners use subscription databases, books, and other resources to gather the latest information about their creature.
The CSS polygons found on this website will fascinate students and teachers alike. Use this website to jumpstart a coding activity where students create their own animal images.
To explore the website, go to

Book Review: Izzy Gizmo

IZZY GIZMO by Pip Jones tells the story of a young inventor who befriends an injured crow.
This colorful, lyrical picture book follows Izzy Gizmo who loves inventing things. Although she sometimes gets frustrated when her creations break down, she’s determined to help a crow with a broken wing. Of particular note are the attractice illustrations by Sara Ogilvie that are likely to appeal to children.
Librarians will find an audience among children who enjoy books about creativity and ingenuity. Weave the book into STEAM activities connected with invention and perseverance.
Published on March 1, 2018 by Peachtree. ARC courtesy of the publisher.