Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tech Review: Matific

MATIFIC contains over 1000 interactive web-based math activities and apps.
Engaging math episodes (mini-games), worksheets, playlists, and lesson plans are available for grades K-6. These immersive math experiences stress analytical reasoning and critical thinking.
Resources are available through both the website and the app.
Librarians will find many ways to integrate these resources into the math classroom. While some interactives work well as large group electronic whiteboard experiences, others are better for independent work. Consider weaving individual episodes into library STEM displays that connect math with other content areas. For instance, connect an interactive focusing on measurement to a display that contains measurement tools and instruments along with books and activities.
This free service can be used by individuals or as part of a classroom environment. Using the premium service allows student tracking and other more advanced features.
To use the web-based version or download the Google Play or Apple App, go to