Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Website Review: Batterypop

BATTERYPOP is an excellent video website for kids.
It can be difficult to locate quality educational videos on the major video sites like YouTube. Instead, try this child-focused website. Although many of the videos are focused on entertainment topics, there are also lots of educational videos available.
The Shows section features web video series. Seek out series focused on educational topics such as ROCKALINGUA, a musical Spanish language series and ANTS, a nature series.
The Channels section provides videos from related organizations such as such as UMIGO, a math adventure series. This area also links to the National Film Board of Canada’s videos for children.
The Gamezone section contains resources for gaming fans. Youth who enjoy Minecraft will find lots of videos of interest.
Videos are also organized by topic. Be sure to check out the Science and Math area for lots of STEM connected videos. The Crafts area contains ideas that could be adapted for library makerspaces.
Librarians will find this to be a valuable starting point for connecting youth with age-appropriate videos.
To visit the website, go to