Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Book Review: Shadowshaper

SHADOWSHAPER by Daniel José Older is an engaging urban fantasy following a Latina teen who discovers a world of magic, spirituality, and ancient secrets in her Brooklyn neighborhood.
Walking corpses, spooky spirits, and a crying mural introduce Sierra to a world of magic and shadowshapers. Friends and family members are reluctant to talk about this supernatural world, so Sierra must use her head, heart, and passion for art to survive and unlock the mysteries surrounding this strange spirit world.
Older’s conversational approach immerses readers in the urban setting and invites readers to visualize the artwork, the city, and the supernatural aspects of the story.
Librarians will find a broad, young adult audience for this book. While the story isn’t categorized as a romance, readers will be drawn to the relationship between Sierra and her friend Robbie. Those who enjoy contemporary realistic fiction are likely to enjoy the book even with its fantasy elements. Young anthropologists will like the aspects of the story that connect community, ancestry, and family. Finally, the magical and supernatural aspects are sure to be popular with fans of fantasy.
For librarians seeking books with diversity, this would be an excellent choice.
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Published by Levine, an imprint of Scholastic on June 30, 2015.