Sunday, May 29, 2016

Website Review: USGS Water Science

The Water Science School from the USGS provides easy-to-understand information exploring all aspects of hydrology.
The website includes pages focusing on the topics of water basics, water properties, water cycles, surface water, ground water, water quality, and water use. In addition, there’s an activity center, picture gallery, questions/answers, and water glossary.
A teacher resources page links to informational resources, activities, and even a class play.
Of particular interest are the resources related to the water cycle. The entry page contains a printable poster featuring key concepts related to the water cycle. Clicking the Interactive Diagram takes users to a clickable visual focusing on definitions and examples. These interactives are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.
Librarians will find this website to be an excellent resource for both students and teachers. The website would be useful for online informational reading activities focusing on the science of water. Many of the materials can be printed for use in classroom activities, displays, and bulletin boards.
To visit the website, go to