Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Review: Audrey (Cow)

AUDREY (COW) by Dan Bar-el is a charming farm animal story.
When Audrey the cow realizes that she’s destined for the slaughter house, she enlists both animals and humans to help her escape. With dozens of narrative voices ranging from cows and sheep to a rowdy rooster, readers will quickly become engaged in this heart-warming tale of a cow-on-the-run.
The nontraditional writing style is what makes this book distinct from the other farm animal books already in your library. Written as a series of short oral accounts, children will enjoy the various personalities and viewpoints of the farm animals. Bar-el’s wonderful descriptions and beautiful use of language add to the appeal.
However at over 200 pages, the book is quite lengthy for young readers. While the content will be of interest to younger children (grades K-3), the reading level is high (Lexile 450L; grades 3-5). Like Charlotte’s Web and Babe, this humorous story is perfect as a primary grades read-aloud. It would also be fun as a reader’s theater-type experience with groups of older children reading to younger listeners in a library setting.
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