Friday, May 06, 2016

Book Series Review: Mission Rescue

The MISSION RESCUE series from National Geographic is intended to inspire young people to learn about endangered animals and how they can be saved.
MISSION SHARK RESCUE begins by exploring the threats facing sharks. Then, each chapter explores some aspect of sharks including their role as predators, their habitat, life cycle, physical characteristics, and connection with humans. Stories, facts, photos, and rescue activities and challenges are woven through the book to keep readers engaged.
MISSION PANDA RESCUE examines the reasons why pandas are endangered. The six chapters explore the panda’s habitat, characteristics, families, and relationship with people. The many photographs and other visuals bring these animals to life. Interesting stories, interviews, facts, and activities help generate reader interest in saving these adorable creatures.
The series also includes titles focusing on lions, wolves, polar bears, elephants, tigers, and sea turtles.
Librarians will find that this series appeals to animals lovers as well as children who enjoy nature, the environment, and social change. Students who enjoy biographies will like the many one-page interviews woven through the books. The focus on photographs, infographics, and small blocks of text will be of interest to nonfiction fans.
Published by National Geographic Children’s Books on March 8, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.