Thursday, July 09, 2015

Website Review: COSI Online Activities

The COSI (Center for Science and Industry) ONLINE ACTIVITIES contains fun and educational online activities connected with a variety of science topics.
Plan It Green activity involves youth in building a city and making decisions about renewable energy sources. Users can connect with friends online for a collaborative experience.
Bet the Farm is an investment game. Simple Machines is an interactive tutorial that introduces basic concepts and provides examples. In the Zoom, Drag, Push, Stop, and Go interactives, users learn about science while exploring outer space, skydiving, water skiing, driving, and other fun environments.
The project also links to the popular EdHeads activities including over a dozen other activities.
This website is a great way for librarians to start a conversation with science teachers about the value of adding learning interactives into their lessons.
To explore the website, go to