Wednesday, February 25, 2015

App Review: Universal Zoom

UNIVERSAL ZOOM: ALL ABOUT SIZES AND DISTANCES is a fascinating app published by Gamify It. From tiny, subatomic particles to stars and galaxies, this easy-to-use tool allows students to compare two objects to get a sense for the scale of the universe.
Designed for ages 9-11, students can choose from 150 objects presented in scale. The dynamic layout provides users with a sense for the relative size of common objects. Students will enjoy guessing and discovering how many times one object fits inside another. A limited audio element introduces each object encouraging users to read more about each object.
Measurements are available in both standard and meter systems making this an excellent tool for mathematics activities that involve using both units of length. This tool is also effective for a practical exploration of simple and scientific notation. The scale range is 1 yoctometer (1x10-24m) to 93 billion light years (8.8x10=26m)!
This engaging app encourages students to explore the idea of size and scale in a meaningful way. The high-quality images and rich content make this an app that is both appealing and useful for many STEM classroom applications.