Sunday, September 28, 2008

Robin Tanis - Mon. Sept. 29 to Wed. Oct. 1, 2008

Robin Tanis is the Head Librarian at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, GA. At St. Pius, Robin has established a collaborative partnership with the school’s classroom teachers. She was an early pioneer in technology integration bringing computers, automation, and the Internet into the library and then the rest of the school. Robin was the original Webmaster for the school ( and is still responsible for keeping the Flannery O’Connor Library Web site current (

Encouraging pleasure reading is a professional interest of Robin’s. Robin is known for ASPIRE! - - a Summer Reading Enrichment program. She has presented her program at state and national conferences. ASPIRE! was featured in both Knowledge Quest (Sep/Oct 2003, Access to PDF document requires login) and School Library Journal (Jan. 2004). Last year she began a Teen Library Council to give interested students leadership opportunities in the library. She also moderates the Anime Club.

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