Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Technology Review: National Public Radio

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO is a website that houses dozens of audio programs broadcast by NPR.
From creative storytelling to news reporting, NPR is known for their high-quality audio programming. In partnership with their member stations, they produce, acquire, and distribute content for the general public related to events, ideas, and culture.
The website provides access to both live and recorded programming. This content is divided into news, arts and life, and music. The news section features short news stories. While some of these contain audio, others are text with graphics. The Arts and Life section contains short articles and audio segments focused on books, movies, pop culture, food, art and design, performing arts, and photography. The music section provides access to streaming radio, articles, audio and video recordings, and featured music.
The programs and podcasts section features dozens of radio programs related to news and conversation, storytelling and humor, and music. A podcast directory is available to locate audio programs of interest.
Audio tools provide access to live radio and current programming. The “our picks” section highlights featured topics.
Librarians will find this website useful to both students and teachers. Students will find high quality information useful in class projects as well as topics of personal interest. Teachers will find the short news and information programs useful across the curriculum.
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