Saturday, July 04, 2015

Book Review: The Secrets of Blueberries, Brothers, Moose & Me

THE SECRETS OF BLUEBERRIES, BROTHERS, MOOSE & ME by Sara Nickerson tells the heart-warming story of twelve-year-old Missy who takes a job picking blueberries over the summer.
In this coming-of-age story, Missy learns that the world isn’t black and white, good or evil, or even right versus wrong. Instead, connections like divorce and remarriage, friendships, sibling relationships, and a family farm feud contain multiple perspectives that evolve over time.
Nickerson’s conversational writing style is perfect for middle grade youth negotiating a constantly changing world. Many youth will relate to Missy’s wide range of emotions regarding work and family.
Librarians will find a large audience for this realistic, coming-of-age novel that bridges the middle grades and young adult genres. While any of today’s novels contain over-the-top drama, this quiet story is a good choice for readers seeking relatable characters and authentic situations with a twist of secrets and the feeling of magic.
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Published by Dutton, an imprint of Penguin on July 21, 2015.